Bespoke Facials

What are the 3 bespoke Facials?

The 3 bespoke facials use a range of products and techniques to resolve specific skin concerns. The Hydrating Facial - designed for those with dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin using a gentle exfoliation, an LED mask and hydrating mask to infuse moisture and hydration into the skin and make it smoother to the touch. The techniques use promote more plump and fresh looking skin. The Purifying Facial - designed for those with oily/acne/breakout prone skin due to excess oil. The facial uses a combination of an exfoliating enzyme peel to remove dull skin, steaming to open the pores and the Temple Spa Purification mask to clean out the pores. Leaves skin looking fresh and bright. The Blackhead Cleansing Facial - specifically designed to work for those who suffer with blackheads. This facial gets to the nitty gritty and hones in on targeted areas using a combination of exfoliating, steaming, a salicylic peel and extraction tool to free the dirt from clogged pores.

How often do I need to get them done?

These facials can be done as a one off for a special occasion or as a pick me up. For more consistant results they would be recommended every 4 weeks.

How long do they take?

The whole appointment including a consultation lasts about 45 minutes.

How much do they cost?

They all cost £45 each.

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